Paldesk Alternative: HelloBox, A Better Alternative to Paldesk

Paldesk was launched to serve customer teams and aid them with monitoring communications with clients. The widget delivers on its services; up to a point. However, the application doesn’t come without its share of problems and failures. A better alternative to Paldesk Is the Omnichannel contact widget HelloBox.

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Whatshelp Logo Alternative

Alternative to WhatsHelp

Before you make the decision to BUY HelloBox, you can further check our thorough product analysis below. lobox, a better alternative to WhatsHelp by far, allows multiple incoming streams for communication with clients. More powerful, with omnichannel functions, automation, scheduling, and analytics integrations.

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HelloBox is here – Best Inbound Contact Widget

There are many ways to contact us. Currently, website visitors can choose different ways to get in touch with you:
– Contact form (honestly, who else uses it?),
– direct call (getting less and less popular) or whatever we see more and more:
– Live chats on websites

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Integrate WhatsApp

WhatsApp for your website. With HelloBox it's really easy to get started.