Why you should use Social-Media Channels for Customer Support

Social-Media Channels are great for Customer Success management
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In the digital 21st century, a company’s customer support must be even more responsive to customers and cover all possible touch points of communication. The smartphone is a constant companion and with a multitude of apps, we are in contact with our friends and acquaintances in private life. This is the most convenient way for us to keep in touch.

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If a customer can reach a company on social media channels, it means that the company makes it as easy as possible for the customer, in case there is a problem or a need to communicate.

What are the benefits of customer support via social media?

According to a study by SocialMediaToday, one in three users currently prefers contact via social media rather than by phone and e-mail. And even more interesting are these 2 facts:

  1. More revenue – Customers spend 20-40% more when companies engage and respond to customers over social media
  2. More brand awareness – 71% of consumers who experience positive social customer care are likely to recommend the brand to others, compared with just 19% of customers who do not get a response

Get up to 70% more Brand Awareness with Social-Media Support

Source: SocialMediaToday

This gives social media channels a completely new significance in addition to the marketing purpose.

Customer expectations in everyday life

In the past, when there were no smartphones and surfing the Internet was slow and patient, customers did not have so many ways to get support. Often there was a call center to call or an FAQ area where important questions were answered.

However, customer expectations have changed with the use of social media.

“To reach most people as effectively as possible, provide the options they want, where and how they can reach you.”


Nowadays a live chat is required, almost 24/7 availability and contact possibilities on all possible channels.

How can your Brand benefit from this trend

As a company, you can particularly benefit from the fact that you and your Social Customer Support are in the customer’s private network.

This is the closest you can get to the problems and concerns of your customers. In this way, situations can be clarified faster and more comfortably, without the annoyance caused by poor accessibility increasing even further.

Let’s say a customer is upset because something didn’t work with your service or product. Difficulties to get in touch with the company to communicate those problems will result in further frustration and negative conception of the company.

The faster and easier your support can be reached, the better and easier it is to resolve the problem.

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What does Social-Media Customer Service mean?

As a result, social media is no longer just a channel for presenting your company and building a brand. Being close to your customers makes you an important part of your personal network.

In this case, customer support must of course also have an open ear for problems and questions in the social media area and react quickly to concerns.

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Let’s take a closer look at the three most important channels for social media customer service.

Customer Service on Facebook

This channel can be used as a 1-to-1 chat via the Messenger or as a public board for problems and criticism via the Facebook page. In both cases, it is important to respond to the user and to take his problem seriously. A solution is sought in an open discussion.

In the case of the Facebook page, a problem can also be discussed publicly. In such a case it is important to pay attention to the language and expression of the support.

Of all social media channels, Facebook is the best choice for customer service. Facebook uses the familiar user interface of Messenger for chatting with companies. Here you can see some information about the chatting person. Your customer support can, therefore, respond better to the user.

Facebook Messenger as Customer Support Channel

Facebook also offers the option of having an auto-responder respond if no employee is currently available or if a greeting phrase is to be sent in advance. Facebook can also be linked to Messenger Bots so that a request can be taken over directly by the chatbot. All these features save time and facilitate communication for your support.


Instant Replies in Facebook Messenger

Customer Service on Twitter

The customer service on Twitter behaves similarly. User problems are also sent to a public bulletin board here. Depending on the hashtag and range of the user, many users get to see the problem.

Support should, therefore, keep an eye on mentions of their own company with a monitoring tool and react if necessary.

Customer Service via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most important messenger channel, especially in Germany and Europe. Companies that receive support requests in this way are therefore particularly customer-friendly and stand out from the market. With a WhatsApp Business account, messaging is quick and easy to set up. In addition, the company presents itself with a meaningful profile with information on address, e-mail address, website, and logo.

Recommendation: For larger companies, it is definitely worthwhile to set up brand monitoring or to use a social media system such as Reply from Buffer directly.

The future in Social-Media Customer Service

If one compares the customer service of a few years ago with that of today, one notices serious differences. The development was rapid and strongly influenced by technology. And digitization will continue to develop behavior and possibilities in the future.

It is currently important for companies to be present on the social media channels in which the target group is also active. This will not change in the future, but there are additional technological possibilities. The technology and artificial intelligence are maturing, so that intelligent chatbot can soon take over the first support requests.

This can be a great development because, with automation from the first contact, the support team has time again to take care of personal relationships with customers.

How do you use social media channels for customer support? Is there maybe even a case you can share with us?

Thank you for reading this article ❤

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