7+ Reasons for more leads with Messenger Widgets for your website

More leads and interaction with a contact widget
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Contact forms are dead. ☠ With today’s technology, you can establish faster, more customer-friendly and organic contact opportunities with interested website visitors.

Imagine, a user finds you after searching on Google. He will read your content carefully, then click on your product page and decide whether to buy your product or not. He is not quite sure because he did not understand all the features exactly.

He wants to get in touch with you, but the contact form is too hidden, so he clicks back to Google and continues his search there. This is the worst case. You were 99% likely to close the deal but lost it, because you didn’t offer him the right channel or the right contact option.

What could have gone differently?

Offer your website visitor comprehensive support at any time

A contact form is the usual way to clarify questions on the Internet. Fill in the lines and send your request. The user receives an answer by e-mail within a few hours or every now and then.

However, the searcher needs direct help with his questions. This offers him the best user experience and gives him a good feeling on the way to the purchase.

A Messenger Widget is a convenient solution

Let’s take up again the example of the website visitor. He had a question on the product page, could not find an answer or a way to contact us and therefore left the page again.

With a Messenger widget, you could have offered the visitor direct help. Unlike the contact form, this widget is always present. Both on the desktop and in the mobile view, the visitor always has his support options in view.

Different Messenger Widgets for your website

With the different social networks and individual support platforms, there are a variety of services that you can integrate on your website as a Messenger Widget. The tools often have an individual purpose and are therefore not suitable for every application. A selection of services is as follows:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Viber Messenger
  • Support Center
  • Live Chat Tools
  • Etc.

What has to be taken into account when making a selection?

Which tool fits your website depends on where your customer group is located. If you only offer the Facebook Messenger widget, your customer must communicate with you via Facebook. However, if your customers are not on Facebook, the widget doesn’t make sense to you.

It is better if you integrate a supporting widget, which implements several channels and contact possibilities.

HellBox offers you, for example, the possibility that the website user can contact you via Facebook and WhatsApp or classically via e-mail or phone.

Do you want to leave these 7 chances for more leads unused?

Not sure why you should add a Messenger widget to your website yet? You leave many small optimizations behind, through which you can generate more customer inquiries with your website.

1. Be closer to the user through a personal address

A chat widget brings you and your website visitor closer together. It forms a direct communication level at which you can address the user personally.

For example, if the user chooses Facebook Messenger, you can see exactly who is chatting with you via your profile. You can use placeholders to address them with their names and respond to their individual situations.

2. Direct feedback from your website visitors

If a user of your website contacts you, you have the possibility to ask for direct feedback. These can be questions such as:

  • What is your search intention?
  • How did you find our website?
  • What are you missing in our offer?
  • This is the easiest way to get honest feedback from your target group.

3. Linking and integration with apps

Most Messenger widgets allow you to link your website to external apps. For example, your Messenger Widget can be connected to Slack, so that you can answer emerging chats directly in Messenger on the desktop or via an app.

Visitors can also download contact data for their address book or create a link to the address.

4. Using Chat-Bot Integration

For website operators who want to take the next step in automation, messenger widgets can often also be connected to chatbots. The chatbot can be used to prepare a dialog that a user should go through.

Individuality is still missing here, but this could soon change with the development of artificial intelligence.

5. Interaction on the website

A good user signal for Google is when a user interacts with the website. A Messenger widget keeps a user on the website longer. This way you avoid that it leaves the site faster and leaves a bad signal.

With such an optimization you do something good for the visibility of your website in the search engine.

6. Addressing the reader at the right moment

It is also possible to determine when a Messenger widget should appear. You set a trigger for this, for example after a certain time or when the user has scrolled deep enough on a certain page.

With this trigger, you optimize the time when you want to offer help to your website visitors via the Messenger widget.

7. Adapting design and personality to the company

Another optimization allows you to display your name, a photo of yourself and a personal message in the Messenger widget. You can also choose the colors and design so that the Messenger widget either fits well into your current website design.

Another possibility is to use the widget in a different color or in the colors of the social media channels to catch the eye.

Conclusion: Optimize your website in order to interact with more interested users. As webmaster of your site, you should always think about optimizing your existing traffic. It is much easier to take good care of a website visitor than to attract new users to your website.

With a Messenger Widget, you offer the user a simple and very customer-friendly way to contact you.

You will also stand out from your competitors’ websites and provide important direct feedback to help you tailor your website even better to your desired customers.

Thank you for reading this article ❤

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