Jeff Lobb never miss a lead from his website

Jeff and his Agency Sparktank Media are growing like crazy. They wanted to have a tool, where they can communicate with their audience withouth any friction and leaving their prefered channel.

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A Speaking, Training and Coaching Company for the Real Estate, Mortgage and Title Industries.

The project in brief

It’s important for us to keep our audience in their prefered channels. This has several benefits:
  1. We provide no friction when contacting us
  2. We can get in touch with them whenever we want
  3. We end up having a better relationship with our audience
For example, when we are chatting with a lead over Facebook, this follower is much more likely to see our next organic post. Also when we are providing the channels our user wants, we’ll have a higher chance, that they actually contact us. Social-Media channels, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or DM on Instagram is just the normal way people communicate.
HelloBox is our social communication hub

That’s where HelloBox came into the game

HelloBox is a great solution for us at it allows us to offer all our communication channels to our audience

At the end, you feed your sales funnels through your social media channels, but most of them land on your page. Providing them with a communication channel they already use, is just a key to get in touch with them.

Set out some key metrics if possible. These could include:

  • 5x more leads from our website
  • Cost savings compared to our previous chat software
  • Improved communication consistency
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Better and targeted remarketing campaigns

New Leads
New Customer

What does this mean for you?

HelloBox is a simple tool for marketing, sales and frictionless communication with your audicence. Get up to 10X more leads from your website. 

HelloBox is a website integration for, which combines all your contact channels. All you need to start is a website URL.  

You can access HelloBox from any web browser and keep your information up to date. Anytime. 

Never miss another lead from your website. 


HelloBox has really helped our team to maintain a frictionless communication with our audience.”

Jeff Lobb

CEO & Founder of Sparktank Media