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There are many ways to contact us. Currently, website visitors can choose different ways to get in touch with you:

  • Contact form (honestly, who else uses it?),
  • direct call (getting less and less popular) or whatever we see more and more:
  • Live chats on websites,

Providers of live chat software are becoming more and more popular. But what does that mean to the website operators? He must first buy a new program, run the new software constantly so that he can be reached and he must plan time himself to react quickly to the questions of his website visitors.

It is easier to do so. Why not use the existing channels that you and your customers already use?

Why is HelloBox important

Time is the most important factor in our lives. We want to save them in every action. When we are on a homepage for the first time, we want to find the most important information directly:

  • Who am I dealing with here?
  • What does the site offer me
  • How can I contact you
  • How to get there (if it is a local company)
  • How to contact the company

If we have to search for this information for more than 5 seconds, we already lack the desire to continue working with the company.

How does HelloBox work

Our contact box is built directly into the head of your website with a small JavaScript snippet. This is also easy to set up with the Google Tag Manager. You got this one in the field?

We also offer a free integration service. If you want to make use of it, just contact us.

Once HelloBox is installed, your website visitors can contact you directly. We distinguish between direct and indirect contact. Not every website visitor is ready to talk to you directly. Therefore, it is important to offer other ways to stay in your memory.

What does HelloBox

HelloBox integrates various contact options on your site. Currently, visitors can contact you directly via the following channels:

Direct contact channels:

  • Facebook Messenger – Especially in the USA more and more companies use Facebook Messenger to get in touch with their customers.
  • Whatsapp – Since the launch of WhatsApp Business, the chat service has become more and more interesting for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Email – Email is still the standard for professional communication. No other service is used as often as the good old email.
  • Phone – Direct language is still the fastest. However, the biggest problem is often availability.
  • SMS – SMS is still very popular, but gets really badass competition from WhatsApp

Indirect contact channels:

  • VCard Download – Save contact for later
  • Calculate route – visitor intention
  • Show opening hours – Visitor intention
  • Share VCard – you can also share contact details with someone

What is the result of our contact widget

All contact possibilities serve to accompany visitors and potential customers. The analysis and tracking function in HelloBox makes it very easy to see how much interaction my website visitors have made. We publish our own statistics for each customer and have also a public one, where you can see how many interactions HelloBox made in the last 89 days (overall installed HelloBoxes):

HelloBox Insights and Statistics

Get your first HelloBox today.

We would be happy if you have HelloBox integrated on your site. Write us on Facebook if you want to try our product for the first 30 days.

Greetings and see you soon,


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2 Responses

  1. Hello…. what is your pricing plans with detailed breakdown? thank-you We are looking to go with another company as we’ve disabled the chatbox feature last week with another company. Thanks for your prompt reply!

    1. Hey Andrew,
      thanks for getting in touch. We offer a 30 day free trial. After that period you can choose between a monthly and yearly plan. If you decide to pay per year it’s $96,- or if you want to pay month by month it’s $10,-

      Pls let me know if you need more information. Thanks and have great day ?

      Paul from HelloBox

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